Our Capabilities

From Ideation to Commercialization

Facility in Ajax, conveniently located minutes from the 401.

Diverse packaging equipment with range of unique machines.

Class 7 and Class 8 clean rooms to handle open food products.

Truck Level Shipping Doors; PCO Gold Shield Pest Control; Centralized Fire and Theft Protection; Controlled access to storage and floor area.

Capacity to run up to 12 production lines simultaneously.

Maintenance staff to reduce time and improve line setup.

Co-Packing Solutions

  • Proprietary Co-packaging Process
  • Multiple co-pack and packaging solutions
  • Concept to commercialization process
  • Proven track record
  • Cost effective, impactful solution
  • External Co-packing

Point of Purchase Solutions

  • Assembled, Stored. Shipped
  • Highly efficient and controlled environment
  • Client-first customized solutions
  • Pick. Pack. Ship.

Fulfillment Solutions

  • Full-service order fulfillment
  • Quality controlled environment
  • Complete ability to track and deliver your products
  • Dedicated fulfillment specialists
  • Auto cartoner
  • Clean room – blister pack
  • Clean room – auto filler
  • Clean room – form fill and seal
  • VFFS (vertical form fill and seal) bagging and pouching services
  • Volume metric filling

Shrink Banding • Wrapping • Bundling Solutions

Clear and printed banding

High-speed shrink wrapping

Shrink – Wrapped Single or Multi-Pack Units & Club Packs

Blister sealing

Blister Forming & Sealing

Blister Packs & Clamshells

Flow Wrapping & Bundle Wrapping

Skin Packaging


Product Labeling / Seeding / Neck – Tagging


  • Custom POP display and assembly
  • Assemble and Co-Packing Case, PDQ, Floor Stand, Quarter, Half & Full Pallet Displays

Quality Control Solutions

  • Kitting & Kit Assembly
  • Bundling
  • Product Sorting and QA Inspection
  • Specialty Packs and On – Packs
  • UV / RF Sealing
  • Direct Mailing / Stream Feeding
  • Product Repacking & Re – Casing / Labeling to Customer Specific Requirements
  • Britman practices a proactive approach to quality.
  • We identify operations and quality inefficiencies before they occur.
  • Being proactive allows us to identify potential problems to avert and avoid possible inefficiencies and disruptions.
  • With quality at the forefront of our mission, continuous improvement efforts continue to elevate our capabilities and proven track record.
  • Our comprehensive checklist is made up of client requirements combined with over twenty years of industry experience ensures quality at every touchpoint.

Quality Assurance PROCESSES

Britman Packaging is committed to providing exceptional copacking and associated services to its customers. The Britman Team is dedicated to ensuring that the quality of our products and services meets the utmost standards.

At Britman, we adhere to the highest quality requirements as mandated by regulatory authorities and prevailing regulations in the various markets in which we operate in. We strive to meet or exceed customer expectations without compromising quality, provide positive and knowledgeable customer service, and deliver on time.


We achieve our aims of long-term success and enhanced customer satisfaction by:

  • monitoring and reviewing our quality management systems & its objectives.
  • continuous improvement of our processes
  • empowerment and engagement of our employees
  • fostering a culture of quality within the organization
  • maintaining a responsibility to the environment.

Quality Policy


NNHP-102020-b Logo
NNHP-302310 Logo

Our tools and procedures enable effective control of all the factors that impact the safety of the product, starting from the time it is received to the lead time.

  • Good manufacturing practices
  • Standards operating procedures
  • Hazard analysis system and critical control point

Good Manufacturing Practices

Quality Control

  • Incoming inspections
  • Lot tracking, process inspection
  • Raw material testing is conducted at various stages of the product development processVarious
  • Data collection
  • Specifications / Assembly Instructions Generated for Each Project Job-Specific Check Sheets
  • Incoming Inspections
  • Prototypes / 1st Inspection Documentation
  • Operator / Assembly Training
  • Lot / Batch Tracking
  • Barcodes Scanned & Verified by ANSI & Traditional Standards

Critical Areas Represented in Our Quality Systems


Britman adheres to all the requirements necessary to ensure proper compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices in the Canadian industry.